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The Japanese yen (JPY) is the official currency of Japan, and it is abbreviated as ¥.

It has been the official currency of Japan since 1871.

The JPY is the third most traded currency in the foreign exchange market, after the United States dollar and the Euro.

The Bank of Japan is the central bank responsible for issuing the yen and regulating its supply in the market.

The yen is also used as a reserve currency, especially in Asia.

The JPY is used not only in Japan but also in some other countries in Asia, including Taiwan, Cambodia, and South Korea

The JPY is divided into 100 smaller units called sen, although these are not commonly used in daily transactions.

The Japanese Yen is available in denominations of

Banknotes: ¥1,000, ¥2,000, ¥5,000, and ¥10,000

Coins: ¥1, ¥5, ¥10, ¥50, ¥100, and ¥500.

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Yes, it is advisable to carry a small value of your Forex in the form of currency notes so you have cash for immediate expenses like hiring cab, buying meals, etc.
You will need your passport, PAN, a valid visa, and a confirmed air ticket.
Permissible foreign exchange can be drawn 60 days in advance. In case it is not possible to use the foreign exchange within the period of 60 days, it should be immediately surrendered.

travelers going to all countries other than (a) (b) and (c) below are allowed to purchase foreign currency notes / coins only up to USD 3000 per visit. Balance amount can be carried in the form of store value cards.

Exceptions to this are:
a) Travelers proceeding to Iraq and Libya who can draw foreign exchange in the form of foreign currency notes and coins not exceeding USD 5000 or its equivalent per visit;
b) Travelers proceeding to the Islamic Republic of Iran, Russian Federation and other Republics of Commonwealth of Independent States who can draw entire foreign exchange (up-to USD 250,000) in the form of foreign currency notes or coins.
c) For travelers proceeding for Haj/ Umar pilgrimage, full amount of entitlement (USD 250,000) in cash or up to the cash limit as specified by the Haj Committee of India, may be released by the ADs and FFMCs.

Frequently Asked Questions-Japanese yen (JPY)

Travelling to Japan? Find answers to all your questions related to Japanese yen (JPY) .

Frequently AskedQuestions -Japanese yen (JPY)